Queer Pulls Jew Switcheroo

Queer Pulls Jew Switcheroo

Our good friends over at BlacksHateFags.com were discussing some routine negro street harassment when they stumbled across this doozy.

Seems a gay fella by the name of Adam Eli was walking around in a pink kippah, when one of his cousins’ poorly trained pets turned out to understand his religion better than he does. The darky preacher started yelling at him about abominations and whatnot, so Adam started recording with his smartphone, and got scarce before ending up a statistic.

BHF has the full hilarious writeup here, and it’s definitely worth reading, but we here at SaidTheJew.com were particularly interested in this gem.

Rather than call the police, which he surely would have done were his tormentor White, our Semitic sausage jockey took to Twitter and tied the altercation to his (((White))) privilege.

To say there is only one problem with that would do the matter no justice, but we’re focused on the (((Fellow Whites))) bit like a Jewish hormone vendor on a kindergartener.

As we’ve established, Jews are NOT White. They say so allthef’ingtime, and Adam Eli is no exception.

Excerpting from BHF;

Our cocksicle aficionado said (emphasis mine) “This is a fraction of what our trans + GNC family get every single day. In this moment I was able to stand up to my attacker NOT bc I’m brave but bc I’m a white resourced man in a heavily trafficked place. We know what happens when a white man attacks a black trans women.” Adding, “To my fellow cis white gays who generally ‘pass’ for being hetro in public: this is whats out there. Most of the time we can get on the subway, go for a run or go on a date in peace. That does not mean our struggle for queer liberation is over.”

Our light skinned power bottom identified himself as “a white resourced man” and called to his “fellow cis white gays”, which as we established earlier, is contradicted by his kippah. Jews are not White, and our pillow sniffing bagel baker is entirely too well aware of this, as evidenced by his Tweet from November 1st 2018, when he said; “I LOVE my Jewish nose, my Jewish curls and my Jewish body hair. Took me awhile but I’m proud of my heritage and NO white man with a gun, in Poland, Germany or Pittsburgh can take that from me.”

Queer Pulls Jew Switcheroo
Queer Pulls Jew Switcheroo

Here at SaidTheJew, we sometimes have to do some gumshoe work to figure out if as suspect is Jewish or not before we quote them. In this case, Adam’s face screams Jew louder than his social justice screeching and self identification combined.

If this guy showed up at the wall of the ethnostate, we wouldn’t even waste a 23andMe on him.

Border Patrol would have five words for this Bagel Boi “You have to go back.”

But we appreciate him wearing the star on his sleeve anyway, just to keep things efficient.

As BHF so aptly dumbed it down for his negro readers;

It is important for black people to understand that Jews are not “White” as is commonly believed by most black (and White) people. They only claim to be White when it suits their purposes, such as blaming goyim for their own bad behavior, or when they want goyim to do self destructive things. It is a common theme to see one tweet from a Jew saying “My fellow white people” and another where they insult White people, and this yid cum receptacle is no exception

Blacks often think Jews are on their side by fighting White Supremacy, but this is a trick that Jews play on blacks. Jews use blacks to fight White Supremacy, but only so Jews can be supreme over the mongrel offspring of mixed race couples. By this mechanism, they exploit blacks no less than they did when they were dominating the slave trade.

Because they are exploiting blacks to fight their White enemies, Jews cannot apply the same standards to black people that they do to White people. For example, Jews are always trying to get White kids to be gay or transgender in order to molest them and reduce their breeding, so they attack any White person who has a problem with that as “homophobic”. What we don’t see Jews is complaining about the fact that Blacks Hate Fags, because they don’t want to draw attention to black crime, which they use as a weapon against Whites.

It’s all very complex. So we apologize to our negro readers if this is confusing

Don’t worry about that, BHF. If they can’t comprehend the 10th grade reading level, they’ll just laugh at his face and keep clicking.

That’s all that really counts in this business. Just ask the Southern Poverty Law Center.


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