Jews Behind Trump Impeachment

If you’ve been keeping up with the Trump impeachment scam, you probably assumed Jews were behind it, just from the volume of lies and hysteria. Then there’s the fact that the guy most prominently perpetrating the fraud, is Adam Schiff, the Jewish chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. That isContinue Reading

Queer Pulls Jew Switcheroo

Our good friends over at were discussing some routine negro street harassment when they stumbled across this doozy. Seems a gay fella by the name of Adam Eli was walking around in a pink kippah, when one of his cousins’ poorly trained pets turned out to understand his religionContinue Reading

Shut Up About Politics, Rabbi

Writing at, pseudonymous Ploni Almoni begins by lauding praise upon the rabbi of her Orthodox synagogue. She thinks he’s great. She loves when he talks about the Torah. She’s such a fan, that she can even enjoy his appeals on Yom Kippur and the various Mazel Tov announcements. ButContinue Reading

If We Said It, They Would Call Us Nazis

Congratulations on reading my very first post. This might not seem like a big deal to you at the time I publish it, but someday, years down the road, somebody is going to read this site from top to bottom. It’s going to take awhile, and they are going toContinue Reading